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Found tip: JabRef and Google Scholar | Chaoticity

JabRef and Google Scholar | Chaoticity.

One of the advantages to using bibliography management software is the potential for quickly filling in all of the relevant details about a citation with just a few clicks — it certainly beats manually typing the information every time you need to cite something.  One of the problems with JabRef was that it seemed to require a lot of unnecessary copying and pasting and opening up of menus to get the BibTeX data out of Google Scholar and into a new JabRef citation field.  However as ‘Felix’ points out in the post linked above, you can simply paste BibTeX data into the main library window in JabRef and it will create a new citation from whatever was in your clipboard. Time saver!

Update 21-Feb-2013: As I just posted today, you can also search Google Scholar from within JabRef (Hit F5 or click Search on the menu bar and then Web Search, and then select Google Scholar from the dropdown menu), or if you prefer searching from within your web browser, click ‘Cite‘ for the result you want to add to your database.  In the small window that pops up, click on ‘Import into RefMan.’  Your browser should ask you what program you want to use to open the filetype (.RIS extension).  Browse to wherever you installed JabRef and click ‘OK.’  JabRef should append the citation data to your open database!