Informe de la Comisión de Esclarecimiento Histórico: Memoria del Silencio (full document)

I’ve noticed that most of the links to this document on the internet have been broken by changes in the directory structure at the AAAS; moreover, the full Spanish-language version of the document has been even more difficult to find.  You can buy it from certain publishers, but the document itself is published by the United Nations with the notice that “Esta obra puede ser reproducida total o parcialmente, por cualquier forma o medio, sin consentimiento previo de UNOPS, siempre que se cite el crédito correspondiente.”  I assume the same policy applies to the English version, although the scanned photocopy that has long been available through AAAS does not include a copyright page.

So, in the spirit of sharing important knowledge, feel free to download this, publicize the link, and above all, read the text. All rights belong to the UN CEH / UNOPS.  Note that I’ve combined all 12 volumes + the table of contents into 1 giant PDF, weighing in at nearly 4,400 pages. I found that makes it easier to Ctrl+F what I’m looking for. I’m including the English version, too, in case AAAS changes their link structure again.  I can always update this shortlink if necessary.

Memoria del Silencio (castellano) 

Memory of Silence (English)

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